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Scooter's Canine Creations, LLC

Fairgrounds Farmers Market

2934 North 5th Street Hwy, Reading

Thurs: 8 - 7pm / Fri: 8 - 8pm

Sat: 8 - 4pm


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Scooter’s Story: When our sweet, rescue dog Scooter was turning one, we knew we wanted to get him a yummy birthday cake. But after searching, we realized we could not find anything that catered to his wheat allergy and sensitive stomach. After experimentation and research, we baked up the “Day in Dog Heaven” Cake, the original Apple, Carrot, and Banana Rendezvous recipe. And we haven’t stopped baking since! -Scooter’s Family Product Description: EVERYDAY IS A DAY IN DOG HEAVEN With the help of Scooter’s Canine Creations, everyday can be a day in dog heaven for your furry friend. Every treat we bake is inspired by our Italian tradition and filled with simple and nutritious ingredients. Our wheat free, gluten free baked goods are baked by hand in small batches and never add fillers or preservatives.

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